"Open the door, my princess dear,
Open the door to thy true love here!

And mind the words that thou and I said,
By the fountain cool in the greenwood shade.”
- Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, The Frog Prince

(fairy tale series)

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color meme 

  Fitzsimmons + pastels (requested by dorkywlves)

send me a number and a fandom/character/ship? :)

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a quick comic  to remind myself what to do the next time i forget this simple lesson 


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my writing style could best be described as “probably more commas than is entirely necessary”

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Sucker Punch (2011) inspired color palette
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”Come Jamie’s turn, he walks up to the post — some men have to be dragged, but not him  steady as a soldier and puts his hands up to be bound … Courage like that is uncommon rare. It wasna ignorance, mind; he’d just seen two men flogged and he knew the same was coming to him. Boldness in battle is nothing out of the way for a Scotsman, ye ken, but to face down fear in cold blood is rare in any man. He was but nineteen at the time.”

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Jowita Paszko

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Christian Louboutin

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Remember that intimate conversation you had with your son? The one where you said, “I love you and I need you to know that no matter how a woman dresses or acts, it is not an invitation to cat call, taunt, harass or assault her”?

Or when you told your son, “A woman’s virginity isn’t a prize and sleeping with a woman doesn’t earn you a point”?

How about the heart-to-heart where you lovingly conferred the legal knowledge that “a woman doesn’t have to be fighting you and you don’t have to be pinning her down for it to be RAPE. Intoxication means she can’t legally consent, NOT that she’s an easy score.”

Or maybe you recall sharing my personal favorite, “Your sexual experiences don’t dictate your worth just like a woman’s sexual experiences don’t dictate hers.”

Last but not least, do you remember calling your son out when you discovered he was using the word “slut” liberally? Or when you overheard him talking about some girl from school as if she were more of a conquest than a person?

I want you to consider these conversations and then ask yourself why you don’t remember them. The likely reason is because you didn’t have them. In fact, most parents haven’t had them.


The Conversation You Must Have With Your Sons | Carina Kolodny (via sanityscraps)
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